10 Top Tips for Dinner Party Hosts

If you have been missing out on the latest episodes of Come Dine with me and are looking for some advice on how to host a dinner party, then you have come to the right place.

Once you have your home looking as good as news, having friends over for dinner should be at the top of your to-do list. Channel you inner Nigella or Gordon and give the professional chefs a run for their money.

Throwing A Dinner Party

 It would be lovely if we could host a dinner party every weekend, but let’s face it, cooking can be stressful! Having the time and money to prepare first class meals is enough to put most of us off having guests over but you would be surprised how much you can achieve with some simple dinner party hacks.


OK let’s walk before we can run. AVOID cooking something too exotic and out of your comfort zone and if you do want to do that, at least fit in a test run. Be prepared and cook something that you are confident about making.

Even someone like Nigella would struggle first time with a recipe, it’s all about trial and error.


You may want to cook all of your favourite dishes at once, however, when you are planning your evening’s menu, try to balance it with some lighter dishes. Your guests should have enough room at the end to finish your elaborate dessert.

Choose A Theme

This will make things 10x easier for you. Do your research and look into different recipes from cookbooks. Having a theme means that your dishes will compliment each other. Italian and Spanish are always great choices for first timers.


This one is for the vegans, make sure you ask your guests before the day if they have special dietary requirements. This means that you will not have to call the nearest Indian restaurant if it all goes wrong. Nut allergies are usually the biggest suspect, so make sure you are checking all of the ingredients you are buying before you hit the checkout.


dinner party ingredients


Make sure you are giving yourself time to relax before you guests come over, you don’t want to fall asleep mid-main course. Slow cookers are great for dinner parties, they basically do all of the work for you, meaning you can have a well-deserved nap.

Go Seasonal 

Barbeques are a great choice for summer dinner parties and hearty stews for winter ones you’re your guest will feel right at home, just make sure you have the perfect beverages to match.

Plan Ahead 

This is what every professional chef does. Make sure you are doing your prep during the day before your guests arrive. This means that you will not be spending time in the kitchen, while they are drinking all of your wine.

The Classics

Why not try some restaurant classics, like Beef Wellingtonsteak tartar, Crème brûlée or even something simplistic like Panna cotta? All of these dishes are dinner party classics and can be mastered by the most basic of chefs.

Buying and Making

Not everything has to be homemade, but it will impress your guests if it is. Cut corners by buying ingredients like ice cream and bread that take hours and hours to make. These items are also risky and could go wrong at the last minute.

Finishing touches 

If you are feeling really fancy, finish off with a cheese board. These can be bought at your local supermarket. Add in a chilli jam just for good measure.