The Benefits of a Rolex Watch Repair

Watches have long been a mark of quality engineering. The attention to detail and careful skill needed to craft an accurate, efficient, and durable watch is simply astounding. They stand apart from other personal accessories not only for their beauty and aesthetics, but for the sheer impressiveness of the horological feats that they managed. The Swiss, specifically those from the Jura valley, are known for the horological prowess, with Rolex arguably being the best known of all of these. For that reason, a Rolex  repair is a long and detailed procedure, and for good reason. A quality watch deserves a quality watch repair.

Why Undertake A Rolex Repair

When a home has suffered structural damage, we repair it. When a car is in an accident, we repair it. Whenever any tool or piece of equipment, any object that we own and use, is faulty and not working properly, we repair it. The exact same can be said for Rolex watches. These precision pieces of engineering operate at high levels; this is how they accrue much of their value. When they stop working to the level they should be, it is time for a Rolex repair.

A good Rolex repair will also highlight any potential issues that may be on the horizon, allowing the owner to mitigate them before they come even more expensive to fix. All rolex repairs that are undertaken by affiliated Rolex watch repair specialists – or by Rolex themselves – are undertaken using genuine Rolex parts. In fact, Rolex operate a part exchange program to ensure that this is the case.

The good news is that you may not have to undertake a Rolex repair as often as you might have thought. Rolex recently upgraded their warranty from 5 years to 10 years, a statement on how confident they are of their watches. This is no wishy washy promise either. Rolex produce around 1 million new Rolex watches¬†each year, meaning that for every year they are in operation, the amount of watches they have to cover in the warranty increases dramatically. Rolex repairs specialists Repairs By Post say “It’s an extraordinary thing for Rolex to offer a 10 year warranty. In effect, they are saying ‘We are so confident that our watches won’t break that you will never need to pay for a repair again.'”

Rolex repair

What Happens During A Rolex Repair?

A Rolex repair can vary in it’s contents, from simple buffing all the way to a complete overhaul of the working mechanisms, mainly the movement, of a rolex watch. A rolex will be dismantled, with all the small, complex mechanisms being placed in a special liquid within a special washing device. This device sends vibrations through the liquid to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, hindering the precision of the time keeping of the Rolex.

While this is underway, the case, bezel, strap, and any other metal part of the watch will undergo a special buffing routine to get it back to that hallmark Rolex sheen. Rolex are so dedicated to this look that they developed a special kind of stainless steel to build their watches from. This stainless steel, type 990L, is harder to machine and work with, but gives a brilliant finish. This is just another way that Rolex are dedicated to their craft.