Choosing House Plants In Time For Spring

Are you feeling at one with nature on the run up to spring? We recommend that you try to bring some of the outside in with some well-placed greenery. There are so many benefits of having plants inside of your home. They not only bring a room to life, but they purify the air, keeping us feeling healthy all year long.

Feel Green Not Blue

Home with plants are much more relaxing, and your visitors will feel rested while they are lounging around your living room. Did you know that spending time beside plants reduces our stress levels? In recent years, studies have found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms are less stressed and feel more comfortable in the hospital environment.

We have created a guide of the best indoor plants that will leave you feeling refreshed this spring.  From big pots to small leaves, we have the perfect plant for every type of homeowner.

Aloe Plant

We have to start off with the much-adored aloe plant! It true that the gel of the aloe plant has healing properties – making it a great addition to your home. Aloe gel can be extremely soothing to those who have skin burns and cuts.

This plant also reduces the presence of air pollutants that can be found in chemical cleaning products. This plant is extremely clever and soaks up these harmful chemicals when the presence becomes excessive, so much that its leaves will display brown spots.

Make sure you pot this one at the window ledge as it grows best in the presence of the sun.

plants for home

Red-Edged Dracaena

Do you like bigger house plants, that will make a real statement in your home? Look no further than the red-edged dracaena.

This beautiful addition to your home can grow all the way up ceiling-height, making it a great choice if you are decorating your home and trying to fill up vacant space.

Rubber Tree

Would you like a plant that freshens up your room? A rubber tree can eliminate toxins and purify the air in your home. Rubber trees cleanse the air and are extremely easy plants to take care of.  Make sure you keep yours in a dimly lit, cool room.

Peace Lily

If your room is located in a shaded area, then a peace lily is the perfect plant for you. Although the peace lily is beautiful to look at, it is extremely low maintenance. Peace lilies thrive in the shade and cooler temperatures, which makes them the perfect addition to any modern home.


Bamboo Palm

This is a classic. Bamboo has a lot to offer your home, and it has made NASA’s list of top clean-air plants with a purifying score of 8.4! If you have looked after a bamboo plant before then you will know that it requires regular watering and shade.


This one is for all of the lovers out there. This romantic plant has heart-shaped leaves, which makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your flat mate or partner. Due to the east nature of Philodendron, they are an extremely popular indoor plant choice

This is a plant that can live for many years when cared for properly. They grow well when given moderate water and a little sunlight.