Spring Homeware Trends 2017

homeware trends


We have taken inspiration from Vogue’s favourite designers. The trends for 2017, so far is are chic, inspiring, and accessible to all homeowners. Here are just a few ways you can set up for spring at your very own palace.


Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, interior designer for the likes of Kendall says that green is go this spring. This strong colour is set to make an appearance in the trendiest homes. From little dashes of lime green to easy-going emerald, make sure you are intertwining this colour throughout your home.

Tropical Prints

Yes, we mean it! Our favourite designers are using tropical print on the run way: Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Emanuel Ungaro have all experimented with the tropical theme. We are set to see lots of this, this spring and we can’t wait to see it on wallpapers and designer fabrics.

A top tip from designer Lawrence-Bullard is to “always buy a plain sofa and change it up with new pillows”, this will leave you with plenty of tropical options!


tropical design


Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise. “Texture is really important,” says Lawrence-Bullard. “We are seeing more and more texture in every form, from brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers.” A quick way to test the trend: Drape a nubby wool throw over a leather chair or mix fabrics used for decorative pillows.

Muted Colours

This spring, plain Jane is another look which you should apply to at least one of your rooms. This trend may not be for homeowners with young children, but we absolutely adore it! Whites, beiges, pale greys, camel, and blush pinks are the perfect way to style your home this spring.

Grey is set to reign again in 2017 and it was a big hit last year too! Make sure you keep a hold of all of your grey pieces and mix and match them with different muted shades.

Quirky Lighting

Lighting is definitely something we take for granted and cool shades, definitely change the atmosphere of a room. Lighting is a necessity and also an accessory – use it to show off your own creative flair.

This is a really simple trend to pull off well. From tinted shades to quirky bed side lamps, get yourself down to idea and experiment with different colours, styles, and heights – your home will brighten up in no time!


Artisan-Crafted Furniture

OK, so bespoke is a term that is often over used by homeware designers, but artisan furniture is all the rage this spring. These pieces do not have to be expensive, why not try your local charity shops and antique stores? Older pieces of well-designed furniture will add character to your home. Etsy is another great place to start.


Silver or Gold? Boring! Make a big statement with bronze. Bronze can be used in a number of ways, from vases to lamps to kitchenware. Refresh your cupboards with some delightful bronze pieces, that you can use year on year.