Spring-Cleaning: 4 Steps to Making Your Home Sparkle

With spring just around the corner and light nights upon us, there is not a better time to get your home in tip-top shape. Decluttering your home can be a timely and difficult task. Getting rid of the clutter from your home that has built up over the winter does not need to be challenging! Give your home a fresh new outlook this spring and summer time. With these easy steps, you are sure to get the clean, fresh home you desire.

Take A Deep Breath and Begin!

spring cleaning

Before starting your spring clean, take the time to look around your home and choose somewhere to start. Having a beginning and end point will allow you to map out exactly how you are going to accomplish your goal.

We all hold on to things that might not have a meaning or a place in our home, but yet we cannot part with them. However, following this decluttering rule will help you on your way to having the perfect summer home. The rule is simple, if you haven’t worn it or used it in over a month then it’s time to get rid. If it doesn’t fit, you or your home’s aesthetic then you need to lose it. By following this rule, you will see a drastic improvement in your homes decluttering process.

Start by sorting your belonging into three piles; keep, bin and charity. Having these three piles will also help you sort out all of your belongings. Ensuring that your spring cleaning is completed efficiently.


Everything Has Its Place


Your home should be filled with things that you love. Anything that you have grown out of or no longer use, it’s time to go. Everything in your home should have its own place. This will ensure that your home keeps tidy and clean.

One thing to remember when spring cleaning is that if something doesn’t have a place and you can find a place for it, then does it really belong in your home? Thinking like this should ensure that your home is filled with everything you love. Life will be much simpler when you know exactly where everything is!


Move Your Furniture Around


To make sure that you clean your home to the highest standard, you need to move your furniture around. Getting everything out and moved, allows you to clean places that haven’t be cleaned in months. Behind the couches and under your drawers are prime examples of places in your home that are in desperate need for a good clean. Spring cleaning is the best chance you will get to ensure that these parts of your home are spotless.

If you need to, move your rugs and put them away. Vacuum under them to make sure that all aspects of your home are sparkling.

Wash Your Windows

wash your window

Open your home up to the sun that’s on its way. Washing your windows can drastically change the interior of your home. The sunlight will be able to shine through, highlighting your sparkling home. Spring is when the horrible weather leaves and the warm sun makes it appearance. Your freshly washed windows will make a great addition to your spring cleaning.


Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your home could not be easier with these four simple steps. Following these steps will ensure that your home is ready for spring and summer. These tips will give you the motivation and help to give your home a full, deep clean ready for summer.