Homely Islay Whisky, Perfect for Guests

Made on one of the southernmost of the Inner Hebrides Islands, located off the west coast of Scotland; Islay whisky has become one of the most desired whiskies in any whisky collection. The Isle of Islay is one of the five whisky distilleries in Scotland that is protected by the law. The distillery has eight locations over the island and makes up the second largest employer after agriculture.  Here are some of the best, homely Islay whiskies that will be perfect for your guests.

Caol Ila Fèis Ìle 2013

Caol Ila- Islay whisky

When entertaining, having the perfect rare malt whisky can provide you with an elegant edge. If you are looking to impress your guests with your whisky knowledge this Caol Ila limited edition Fèis Ìle festival Islay whisky would be perfect. This 15-year-old Islay whisky has been triple matured to intensify its rich flavours and was personally selected by the distillery manager, Billy Stichell for the Fèis Ìle festival.

Stitchell gave the following description of this rare malt whisky, “…Spirit distilled in 1998 has been triple cask matured. For 12 years it rested in a combination of Refill Butts, Hogsheads and Barrels. The vatted whisky was then allowed to mature for several months in active hogshead casks to impart a spicy/oaky note to the existing delicate Caol Ila smoke”.

Priced at £285.00, this homely Islay whisky would perfect for your guests, providing them with a taste of Islay whisky.

Rare Old Style Bruichladdich 10-Year-Old

Bruichladdich Islay whisky

Priced at £135.00, this Islay whisky is an old style Bruichladdich whisky from the past. This old style rare malt whisky is extremely hard to come by as it is no longer produced. If you want your guests to experience rare Scottish whisky, this 10-year-old Islay whisky would be the perfect match.

This style of Bruichladdich has not been produced since the year 2000 when the distilleries owners changed. Therefore, this Islay whisky is a true piece of history, that is set to wow your guests and add to any whisky collection.

7-Year-Old Bowmore Hand-Filled Single Cask

Bowmore - Islay whisky

Bowmore whisky is one of the most popular Islay whiskies as it distilled with the greatest perfection and flavours. This exclusive rare malt whisky is sold exclusively as Bowmore distillery on Islay and is not available to buy anywhere else.

To impress your guests, this warm aromatic Islay whisky would be perfect as this 7-year-old single cask is incredibly rare. This whisky has been filled straight from a cask in the vaults of the Bowmore distillery, giving it a unique flavour. There were only a few hundred bottles ever produced as a result, bringing this rare malt whisky out at any dinner party is sure to impress your guests.


Lagavulin Fèis Ìle 2015

lagavulin whisky- Islay whisky

This Lagavulin rare malt whisky has been beautifully ages for 24 years as well as been triple matured. Providing it with an exquisite flavour, unique to Lagavulin. The whisky was aged in three different casks to reach its delicate flavour. firstly, is was aged in a bourbon cask, then moved to an old sherry cask and then to an old oak puncheon. The use of the different casks, create a smoky flavour in the whisky, making it a perfect Islay whisky for your guests to try.

There were only 35000 bottles ever released of this whisky during a festival on the island in 2015 and it is rumoured that they all sold out within three days!


Islay Whisky


When entertaining, having an unspoilt bottle of rare malt whisky is definitely going to impress your guest. There is a huge variety of exquisite Scottish whisky that is would be perfect for anyone. The Islay whisky mentioned would make the perfect end to your dinner party, as well as be enjoyed by all your guests.