4 Ways to Take Care of Your Flower Garden


With spring nearly upon us, it’s time for your flower garden to bloom! Get your gardening hat and gloves at the ready as you embark on making your neighbours envious of your beautiful flower arrangements. There are five top tips to take care of your flower garden and make it perfect this spring.

Have The Correct Gardening Equipment

gardening tools

When you are thinking about any sort of gardening it is important that you have the right equipment that will ensure your flowers are taken care of. Here is a short list of basic gardening tools that will help you when doing any sort of gardening.

  • Bucket- a much-needed piece of equipment that will help you keep everything together and as fuss- free as gardening can be.
  • Hand trowel- this small tool is going to be one of the most used tools when you are gardening as it is used to transplant small flowers and bulbs, enlarging holes as well as removing weeds.
  • Wheelbarrow- this will be useful when you are transporting heavy flowers and buds, and it is a sure back helper!

Water Appropriately

watering- flower-garden

You need to ensure that your flower garden is getting enough water as without water they will not grow. The UK experiences a vast amount of rainfall during the year, however, the rain can begin to dry up over the summer months. Although flowers also need the sun to blossom, without water they will not develop. For this reason, it is vital that you keep flowers hydrated.

During a dry season, it is recommended to water your flowers at least once a week as this will ensure that they keep hydrated. It is also important to remember that when you are watering your flowers, that giving them water in the morning is the best time as gives them the boost they need to make it through the hot day.

Here are some simple tips to watering your flowers:

  • Only water when needed
  • Focus on the roots rather than they leaves
  • Use the right tool
  • Remember every flower

This quick guide on watering your flowers should give you enough information to water your flower garden effectively.

Fertilise Your Flower Garden

flower garden

If you want your flowers to flourish and grown strong, then you need to use fertiliser to ensure that your flowers blossom. There are not enough nutrients in the garden soil for flowers to grow to their full potential. However, adding fertiliser to your gardening routine will supply your flowers with the right nutrients that they need. Over time your need for fertiliser will decrease as your flowers begin to grow on their own.

When you are using fertiliser in your garden it is important to read the bottle, so that you don’t over fertilise your flower garden which can burn and destroy your flowers.

 Controlling Weeds


Controlling weeds can be difficult when gardening as they can look like flowers, however, there is some notice differenced that differ weeds from flowers. Weeds tend to grow quicker than other flowers or plants and most produce tiny flowers that bloom and go to seed quickly.

Before planting any flowers, it is vital that you clean they soil by de-weeding it, and getting it set for your new flowers. However, even doing this does not stop weeds from forming. Here are some easy ways to get rid of those pesky weeds.

  • Get rid of grasses and perennial weeds before you plant your flowers
  • Keep grass clippings away from your flower beds
  • Remove weeds as soon as you see them- the sooner the better!

Your Flower Garden

This simple and quick guide to taking care of your flower garden will give you all the information you need to ensure that your flower garden is happy and healthy.