4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home


Your home is your way of expressing yourself and your personality, designing it the way you want it to look. However, we can get easily fed by the way our home looks. If your interior is beginning to look old and tired, it’s time for a revamp. Here are five easy ways to bring your home back to life. Continue reading “4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Home” »

Choosing House Plants In Time For Spring

house plants

Are you feeling at one with nature on the run up to spring? We recommend that you try to bring some of the outside in with some well-placed greenery. There are so many benefits of having plants inside of your home. They not only bring a room to life, but they purify the air, keeping us feeling healthy all year long.

Feel Green Not Blue

Home with plants are much more relaxing, and your visitors will feel rested while they are lounging around your living room. Did you know that spending time beside plants reduces our stress levels? In recent years, studies have found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms are less stressed and feel more comfortable in the hospital environment.

We have created a guide of the best indoor plants that will leave you feeling refreshed this spring.  From big pots to small leaves, we have the perfect plant for every type of homeowner. Continue reading “Choosing House Plants In Time For Spring” »

Spring Homeware Trends 2017

homeware trends

homeware trends


We have taken inspiration from Vogue’s favourite designers. The trends for 2017, so far is are chic, inspiring, and accessible to all homeowners. Here are just a few ways you can set up for spring at your very own palace.


Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, interior designer for the likes of Kendall says that green is go this spring. This strong colour is set to make an appearance in the trendiest homes. From little dashes of lime green to easy-going emerald, make sure you are intertwining this colour throughout your home. Continue reading “Spring Homeware Trends 2017” »