Our Top Picks from Glasgow Furniture Shops

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Glasgow is a hub for modern furniture designers. From luxurious hardwood flooring to king size beds, Glaswegian’s have an eye for furniture with flair. We visited Modish’s showroom to see some of this year’s spring collection.

Modish are an independent carpet and flooring company based in one of Glasgow’s busiest areas. They have a range of modern furniture that is available to buy online. With so much available, we have done the hard word for you, here are our most stylish picks.

Hardwood Flooring Glasgow

Whether you own a bungalow, flat or townhouse, hardwood flooring is a must have this spring. This reliable and timeless choice is an investment which will give your home the classic edge that it has been longing for.

Hardwood floors are graded according to a number of variables on each plank including grain When choosing a hardwood flooring Glasgow company make sure you are doing your research. Hardwood flooring comes in a number of patterns, knots, and colours.

The best grade which you can pick is Grade 1. This type of wood will have few knots, which means the pattern will look visually consistent. Modish Furnishing says that this type of wood creates a “clean, smooth, sleek finish”, making it a popular choice with Glasgow homeowners.


hardwood flooring glasgow

Beds in Glasgow

Are you looking for the best beds in Glasgow? Modish do a range of elegant bed designs that will freshen up your chamber before summertime hits. Their choices vary in size and shape, making them the go-to bedroom design Glasgow shop. Whether you are looking for style or efficiency, this bed showroom has something for everyone.

Our favourite king-size piece was the Colorado Fabric Bed in Grey. This bed is the perfect for your new bedroom as is built to be both sturdy as well as sophisticated. It is also completely in trend as it has an attractive rolled and buttoned headboard.

If your car wasn’t built to lift and shift – don’t panic. Another benefit with Modish is that they offer free delivery to all customers and your new bed could be yours in just a matter of weeks!

sliding wardrobes glasgow

Sliding Wardrobes Glasgow

Looking to save some space after your spring clean? A sliding wardrobe could be the best answer for you. Nowadays, if you are not the owner of a sliding wardrobe, this could be a sign that your home needs an interior makeover.

These wardrobes not only look great but they are extremely efficient and are perfect for any member of the family. Modish not only stock these stunning pieces but they can also fit them for you too!

From simple designs such as the Sunset Wardrobe in Champagne to premium pieces such as Sunset Wardrobe in Oak with Alpine White Glass you can choose a wardrobe design that will fit the needs of your home. Once it is fitted you will never look back, this move will freshen up your bedroom design as it will declutter the space that you are currently using.

If you would like more ideas, visit a furniture showroom in Glasgow, this will motivate you to improve you home and update your décor.